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Published: 2021-07-31 22:50:08
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“The question is not ‘how do we become best in the world? ‘ but “how do we become the best for the world? ‘” – Uffe Albaek, The Kaos Pilots. I’ve been through quite a bit these past couple of years, and its led me to realize everyone is dealing with their own struggle. Given everything I’ve been through, one thing I’ve felt is, what is the point in life or living if, we as humans are not there for one another? If we don’t have someone to support us at our lowest, what would make anyone worth being with at the peek of their life?
Hard times are hardly worth struggling through if you don’t have someone to share your love with at your best, and someone too fallback on at your worst. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the society we live in. I can’t change everyone, but I can start with myself. Since things have been a bit bumpy for me, I feel that if I can reach out to others to help make their lives better my life would have more significant.
Many people don’t realize what being a true friend is worth, so they go off back-stabbing, smack talking and knocking each other down, especially in high school when your at your curliest years, and for what? Just to get what they want, or to make them feel better about themselves. Being a witness of bullying, occasionally a victim and head of the loaners club, for a year I realized it’s important to be a friend to somebody, especially someone who has no one.
When I feel as if there is no point to working through a struggle I realize that if I can give help back, my life still does have meaning. How do I make sure I’m being the best I can be for the world? Simple, the only person I plan on being better then, is the person I was yesterday. Personally, I wouldn’t truly be happy to share my glory with people who are only there for the ride and not the storm, I wouldn’t feel as if these people are my true friends so there would always be a piece missing in my happiness if I was sharing my glory with people who didn’t support me at my lowest.
As long as I keep trying to improve myself, I have hope in the rest of the world to improve themselves too. How can we lighten up and be supportive to one another if we’re non stop competing with each other? Competition means someone wins and someone loses, but if your only competing with you’r self to be a better person you will realize that we can make this world a happier place by supporting one another, instead of knocking them down.
Even if somebody is not there for me, I will always be there to support them if they need because just giving back lets me know I’m here for a reason and somebody needs me. As humans we need to understand we are all dealing with different struggles,and everyone needs someone to fallback on. Therefore, I always try to influence on to my peers to not judge one another, because we are not God, but we should just try to understand why certain people are the way they are so love and support them unconditionally.
Nobody can control what they are going through, but we can only control how we deal with the situations. I like to ask my self questions like, Why does a bully beat up other kids? Well maybe he gets abused at home, and that is how he makes himself feel better, but in return all he gets is more damaged by having other reject him for his flaws. If your think about it, the bully probably needs more love then the victim, therefore I always try to reach out too all kids who are struggling, despite a persons actions.
I find importance in my life by viewing each person as equals so we can equally support each other. Life is pointless if we don’t love each other, so I’m always trying to be the best I can be to others. A million dollars to me would be meaningless if I had no one to share it with. If we subtract all the material items from this world we would realize all we really have is each other and because of that I find meaning in my life by giving back to this world, with love and support because both those things are priceless.

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