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Published: 2021-08-02 23:00:08
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The behavior of a person can usually be explained by that person’s stateof mind. The external conduct is almost always directly linked to internalemotions. Knowing this fact is very beneficial to someone like a guidancecounsellor because it lets him or her almost “read” the physchlogical stateof a student based entirely on their behavior.
In Darlene’s case herbehavior has been very well documented making the task of phsycologicalassesment a much easier job. There are many facets to Dralene’s behavior,each revealing a different part of her state of mind. Judging from the wayshe dresses and is groomed it appears as if she comes from a family lesswealthy than most of the other children at her school. This has probablybeen a factor in her sullen behavior. Because she can’t afford moreexpensive clothes, she has been put into a different social class than mostof her peers. It is known that all humans have an emotional need to be”accepted” by their peers but unfortunat for Darlene, being accepted is aneed that she has not satisfied due to her lack of wealth.
Darlene alsoexpressed that this form “classism” against her was apparent at sundayschool. It was so great in fact that she actually quit the classes to getaway from the sunday school “snobs”. It should come as no surprise that Darlene has also expressed a desireto quit highschool as well. This may also explain her reluctance to joinany clubs and the way she anticipates unfriendly reactions from people shemeets.
Darlene’s teachers agree that although Darlene has an aboveaverage intellect, she still only aquires average marks. I believe thisproblem can be traced to her parents. It si known that Darlene’s parentskeep Darlene in 6 days of the week, and when they do let her out she mustbe home at ten. It is also known that Darlene must do alot of housework onthe weekends if she wants to get her weekly allowance and that her parentsdo not approve of her friends.
Darlene’s poor pe nce in school may verywell be Darlene’s way of “getting back” at her parents. By getting averagemarks she is trying to tell her parents that keeping her in and being sorestrictive of her social activities won’t help her school work, it willonly make it worst. I will assume that Darlene also feels like her parentsdon’t pay enough attention to her. Both her parents probably work,explaining why Darlene has so many responsibilities at home, and neither ofthem likely have much time to spend with their daughter. Darlene wouldalso like more freedom to do go out and choose friends. The physologicalneeds Darlene lacks are social acceptance, attention from her parents andfreedom.
If I were to advise Darlene on a course of action it would be todiscuss the problem with her parents and not to try and hurt them by doingpoorly in school because that is not hurting her parents, it is onlyhurting her. I would tell her that the only person in the world Darlenecan change is herself. I would also tell Darlene that any peer that doesnot like her based solely on how much money she has is not worth having asa friend. I would tell her to ignore people who treat her badly becuase ofher lack of wealth and eventually they will stop annoying her because theywill not get any reaction from her. Darlene will have to work on herattitude though, so she can be more sociable and more accepted.

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