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Published: 2021-07-28 08:40:06
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The Ukrainian nation is famous for its musicality. One could see the first musicians of Caving Russ’ in the frescos of Saint Sofa’s- Cathedral. Archeological researches stated that first musical instruments were made of mammoth ivory. The most widespread musical instrument of the Old Russ’ was psaltery. The psaltery was used to accompany songs that were narrating about brave princes and bodyguards. The psaltery werewolves for the family holidays. During the Mongol-Attar invasion the development of Ukrainian musical culture was stopped.
The Ukrainian folk songs inspired famous composers in their work. One can hear the spiritual music of Ukrainian composers (D. Abortionist, M. Verbosely, A. Vided) in different churches of the world. Len S. Hula-Radiometry’s and M. Lesson’s operas Ukrainian character and spirit, tender lyrics and patriotism are presented. The most famous among the Ukrainian musical companies are State Academically capable “Dumas” and State Academically National Choir of G. Everyone, State Academically Ensemble of folk dance of P. Frisky. The Ukrainian folk songs are widespread in the world.
Let us remember the P. Ambassadors “Papayas pro rushing”. Over the centuries the Ukrainian people have created music. Music art of Ukraine is very rich, it reflects our life, our ideas and emotions. In their folk songs the Ukrainian people showed their heroic past connected with the defense of the Motherland , the struggle for national freedom. Bandeau, kabob and copilot are national musical instruments which are often played at Ukrainian festivities. Now Ukraine has 6 opera houses, 3 operettas, 10 state philharmonic societies, dozen of folk choirs, 5 higher USIA schools. Ukraine actively participates in the world’s cultural progress. The Ukrainian orchestras, folk-music performers, pop and opera singers visited different countries every year and are warmly received abroad. The best known soloists are Dimmit Anatomy, Anatoly Shallowness, Havening Morphophonemic. The Ukrainian national composer school is connected with the name of Nikolas Lessens, pianist, conductor and folklorist who developed the traditions of the famous Ukrainian composers, S. Gulag-Earthmovers and P. Kowalski. Ukrainian music

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