The Odyssey Theme: Hospitality Sample Essay

Published: 2021-07-25 01:00:06
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There are many different subjects in The Odyssey. but the most outstanding subject Homer portrays in his heroic poem verse form is cordial reception or Xenia. The act of Xenia was possibly the most of import Grecian usage out of all because you see it being performed clip and clip once more throughout Odysseus’ journey place. The Odyssey was about the 20 twelvemonth long journey of King Odysseus return to Ithaca from combating in the Trojan War. The subject of cordial reception is present non merely while Odysseus is going from metropolis to metropolis. but besides at his place in Ithaca. where his married woman and boy. Penelope and Telemachus’ . castle is being overrun with suers.
On Odysseus’ seeking journey place. he was welcomed by several male monarchs exposing Xenia. non merely because it was Grecian usage. but because it was disrespectful to Zeus. the God of cordial reception. if they didn’t. After going from Calypso’s island and confronting a heavy storm Poseidon stirred. Odysseus eventually landed on Scheria. The king’s girl Nausicaa saw Odysseus and explained. “But now. you’ve reached out metropolis and our land. you’ll ne’er deficiency for vesture or any other gift. the right of raddled petitioners come our manner ( 6. 210-213 ) . This is a premier illustration of how obedient the Ancient Greeks following their strong traditions. Nausicaa didn’t hesitate to assist Odysseus and seemed proud as she was depicting her metropolis. which portrays another subject which is Kleos.
The thought of Xenia was extremely regarded in The Odyssey. and disrespecting it was wholly unacceptable. In the beginning. Telemachus and Penelope had to unwillingly host 108 suers who took advantage of their cordial reception. This was a offense that was impermissible so Mentor explains. “Reach deep down in your bosom and psyche for a manner to kill these suers in your house by stealing or unfastened combat” ( 1. 339 ) . This is an illustration of how earnestly the Ancient Greeks valued cordial reception and regard for the Gods. It besides illustrates the Greeks extreme behaviour towards people mistreating their cultural values.
Hospitality was so of import in the Ancient Greek’s lives that they obeyed their tradition even if it may hold displeased them. In book 14. when Odysseus returned to Ithaca and went to the pigman disguised. Eumaeus invites him in. provenders him. and gives him a topographic point to kip. The text reads “Not his manner to bed indoors. apart from the hogs. He geared up to travel outside and it warmed Odysseus’ heart” . ( 14. 592-595 ) This proves how willing the Greeks were to delight their invitees. for case. Eumaeus let Odysseus kip by the fire with caprine animal and sheep tegument. while he slept outdoors in the cold with the swine. This besides illustrates how true they were to Xenia and Piety.
In decision. this grounds is a great representation of the Greeks values and life style. The Odyssey illustrates the importance of esteeming the Gods. and of being hospitable in the Ancient Grecian civilization. The people in this narrative went to extreme steps to delight their invitees and protect their values. like kiping with swine or killing work forces who took advantage of people’s Xenia. The Odyssey taught immature schoolboys how to move. and it is obvious that cordial reception was a cardinal constituent to a Greeks mundane life.

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