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Published: 2021-07-25 05:15:05
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Daniel started talking; “I have lost seventeen years of my life in this God damn place, I even got used to this place” he stopped. A water droplet came out of his eye and he continued, “I don’t want to spend another night in this place I would do anything to get out of this hell. ” Thomas was just standing there and listening. “We will go somewhere down there to Mexico or to the South Pacific and get a little place and live there for rest of our lives. The only thing I have learned in this place is to work for someone else, but we gonna work for ourselves not for anyone else. ” Thomas shook his shoulder and said “I know, I know.
Just be patient for another … ” He looked at his watch and continued “eight and a half hours” They sat on the floor quietly just imagining things. They were sitting there for another hour. Then they were forced to go to the laundry room. They were working there for four hours, but for Thomas and Daniel it was the longest four hours in their lives because they just could not wait to escape from the prison. Then they went to have a dinner. The dinner room was very big and dirty. The tables were made of wood some had parts of wood sticking out. They had potatoes and piece of black, thick and very tough meat.
They were sitting in silence with some of their friends. They were trying to hide that they were going to escape. Finally it was ten o’clock. They were sent to their cells. Thomas tried to keep his cell neat, but it was very messy. He had two posters of sexy ladies hanging on the wall. On the shelves he had lots of magazines about freedom, sports and houses. He also had a little mirror hanging on the wall. Daniel’s room was also dirty. He also had a poster of a sexy lady hanging on the wall. On the shelves he had books: A Holy Bible and books about prisoners who escaped from jail.
After about 40 minutes the lights were turned off. They were just sitting on their beds in silence. They looked very nervous. Daniel was praying. It was 11:20 p. m. They waited for 12:00pm until everyone goes to sleep. They sat on their beds for 40 minutes and then got up. Then Daniel took off the poster from the wall. Under the poster was a hole big enough for him to fit through. He went through and went to Thomas’s cell. They took a poster off Thomas’s wall and under this poster there was a hole about 10 metres deep. They took a big breath and went through. They got in a big room with a sewage pipe in there.
They took two rocks from this room, which they have left a month ago. They took the rocks and started to hit the sewage pipe to make a hole so they could get in there. They were hitting it for couple of minutes and finally they made a hole big enough for them to get into the sewage. When got in they could not stand the smell. They tried to keep their mouth closed. They could not breathe or talk. The dirty mouths went into their mouth but they did not stop. After about twenty minutes they reached the end of the sewage. They went out where new life was waiting for them.

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