Star Wars and the Matrix – a Comparison Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 13:25:08
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Both stories are about the child overcoming this ‘father’, The outside worlds that conspire to crush the heroes are the Empire and the AH canines, Wood & Morpheme and Obi-Wan Kenton show similar parallels. If you were to translate the images of Star Wars into modern vernacular, you may come up with The Matrix. Both movies use the common device of the potential hero being either sought out or roped into peculiar circumstances. Luke heeds the plea in Lei’s hologram message, and Neo obeys the advice of a mysterious message telling him to “follow the white rabbit”.
However, the heroes initially refuse the call to adventure until outside factors force them to reconsider. The heroes pass through childhood and into adolescence where they begin to come aware of the world around them. The mentors (Morpheme and Obi-wan) cleverly ensnare the heroes curiosity by carefully promoting the Force and The Matrix. “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them” explains Obi-wan while Luke practices on the lighthearted whilst Morpheme asks ‘What is real? ” Cautioning Neo not to accept everything at face value. The ‘sons’ soon build the courage to challenge their ‘father’.
They break rules others are bound by. Tension is raised as both heroes find themselves deep in their opponent’s realm: Luke arrogantly followed a lone TIE fighter into the Death Star and Neo lets himself fall into the ands of the Agents (to save Morpheme). Luke ditches his targeting computer for the Force, whilst Neo realizes that in The Matrix, he is simply in a state of non- existence, allowing him to believe he is the One, As Morpheme predicted, he doesn’t need to “dodge bullets”… Because he can simply stop them. Star Wars and The Matrix are renowned for their ground-breaking technical feats and special effects.
Both films also carefully orchestrate costumes and settings to help their story, but more specifically Star Wars introduced a new vocabulary of action cinematography predicated on computer-controlled camera movements, arraying the viewer swooping and diving through miniature sic-if sets. The Matrix exploited the film technique: %let-time photography,” in Which an array of cameras positioned in an arc, fire simultaneously or almost simultaneously, creating the effect Of a virtual camera swooping around a subject slowed to motionlessness or near-motionlessness.
Space travel was still considered an exciting and novel idea in the ass, and Star Wars cleverly manipulated this to produce the fantastic space ballet that it is. However, it is incomparable to Ambulate time” which was very effective in illustrating Neon’s and the Agents’ ability o defy the laws of The Matrix. However more importantly is the fact that in Star Wars the special effects were largely performed on the backgrounds, and the characters, although sometimes highly costumed (Chewable), moved and performed like human actors.
In The Matrix, superior technology allowed manipulation of the actors as well, which allows the technology itself to become a character. o The definitive factor that makes Star Wars and The Matrix classics are that you could ask ten fans what they think is the most important aspect of the movies’ creation, and you would receive twenty different answers. The storyline f the movies can relate to most of the audience; namely the sensitive issue that to become a man one must escape one’s father.

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