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Published: 2021-07-14 22:00:07
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Costa SakellariouVisual art can definitely be seen as a language. With every artist there is always some sort of meaning that they are trying to convey to the viewers of their work. The means of how they deliver that message is the language in which their work uses. In Costa Sakellarious work I especially felt there was some sort of language being spoken.
Photography is a class of the visual arts that one can probably interpret the language being spoken a lot easier. In high school I took photography for four years and really enjoyed doing it. Costas work, although a lot better than my own, reminded me of some of the kind of things I tried to do with photography and how much I enjoy photography as a visual art. Photography can really capture the essence of a real life moment.
Costas work is overflowing with feelings and emotion. In one of his pieces, with the man standing over the woman next to the boat, you can get the feeling that the two are deeply in love and that one of them is about to go away for a long time. In another one of his photographs, where there is a guys feet overlooking the water on a dock, you can get the feeling that he is longing for something that he once had but no longer does. There is an old saying that a picture can say a thousnd words and in these photographs that is just the case.
My interpretations may not be what Costa was thinking or the people who are photographed are thinking, however, Costa Sakellariou does a great job of communicating some sort of language in his work. Just looking at his photographs that were featured in the show you cannot help but get some sort of emotion or feeling of whats going on in his photographs. Bibliography:

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