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Published: 2021-07-28 05:50:06
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Life without music is probably not life. Sometimes it seems to me that without music I simply could not fully exist.  I do not think that people ever thought about how many sounds they hear every day. And the noise of trees, and the rumble of cars, and the murmur of water, and human voices – all this is a constant accompaniment of our everyday life. And sometimes the sounds cease to perform their usual functions and turn into a pleasant sound, an unforgettable melody, music.
Since childhood, I was fond of music, because my whole family is surprisingly musical: my grandmother skillfully performs folk songs, my mother plays the piano well, and my father plays the guitar. To play music is a big talent and I have a deep appreciation for my parents. Therefore, I had no choice but to go to music school and to write music essay in order to have scholarships. And you know; now I get great pleasure from touching the keys of my instrument, from the beautiful melody that I can create on my own. It inspires and enriches me spiritually. I understand that music changes my life and has a lot of benefits.

Importance of music
Everyone needs music. And this is a sincere truth. I think the majority will agree with me; if I say that it helps to overcome everyday difficulties, she can console in a difficult moment and raise her mood when it is needed, can calm and comfort, like a best friend. I listened to music when I worried about the admission to the Berklee College of music.
When I was asked to write a music major analysis argumentative essay on the topic – “Music in my life,” I thought that it would be difficult, but the inspiration came immediately in the introduction and prompts. Actually, looking around, I realized that music surrounds us everywhere. Street, home, work, shops, everywhere we can hear songs and melodies. Directions are so different – classical music and jazz, rap, disco and country, rock and many others.
I love listening to music. Many of my classmates in the school prefer a certain style, but it all depends on my mood. I enjoy having fun with dance music, but sometimes I prefer to listen to the classics. It seems to me that only such music can convey a state of mind and soothe. My favorite composers are Antonio Vivaldi and Frederic Chopin. Their works are very bright, listening to them, I was overwhelmed with emotions. My classmates do not like this kind of music, but it seems to me that they just never really listened to these masterpieces of the classics.
Without music, our life would be completely different, not so bright and rich. After all, it helps to give us your feelings, emotions, what cannot be said in words. Sometimes you don’t want to talk; the music will say everything.
Musical preferences can tell us a lot
It is no secret that musical preferences can tell a lot about a person, about his character and worldview. After all, each musical direction is radically different from the others. Classical music, for example, helps to relax, to feel like a harmonious personality. From the world classics, I like the musical masterpieces of the famous masters of their craft: Mozart, Bach, and Liszt most of all. I love to listen to their works alone because it is then that I can fully enjoy their unsurpassed beauty. Ethnic music always creates a unique atmosphere. When you listen to it, you understand what a unique and original culture of your native land. You are proud that your country can boast of such a treasure, such an unsurpassed wealth. Personally, I cannot determine which direction in music is my favorite. After all, I am not indifferent to classics and folk, rock and jazz. These musical styles and styles combine everything that is so close to me. It is in this music that I find myself, my own “I.”
So, the role of music in my life is huge – it is an integral part of the life of each of us because it makes it brighter and more interesting.
How does music help us?
Firstly, music allows me to forget about my problems and failures. Sometimes you just want to turn on some kind of fun, incendiary music and start singing and dancing. This music should not carry deep meaning, it just has to be rhythmic and so that you can dance to it. Listening to this kind of composition, I understand that whatever difficulties in my life, they will pass and come the long-awaited moments of joy and relief. Secondly, even when doing my homework, I try to listen to the compositions of great classics, for example, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.
Music can be an interesting topic for conversation, so you need to listen to different music in order to be able to understand its genres. Knowing many musical genres and listening to music every day can help you in the future in communicating with people. Well, in the end, music is a prompt that there are bright colors, good emotions, and pleasure into the gray life. In my opinion, music inspires to perform extraordinary acts and also gives people vitality. It is hard even to imagine what our life would be without music. Most likely it would have been gloomy, boring and not impressive. Music is a good way to relax and think about our life and problems. In conclusion, I want to give you advice: “Listen to music, be inspired by it, charge yourself with a positive and live a bright and beautiful life!”

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