Promoting the Erie Canal Essay

Published: 2021-07-14 20:55:05
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In 1825 Charles G.
Haines just began to serve asGovernor George De Witt Clintons secretary, here hewrote about the mayors views on the Erie Canal project. Haines was already a huge supporter of this product so hetook great joy in writing this paper about the whole project. He briefly describes that the plan is split up into threesections: Lake Erie to the Senaca River, Senaca to Rome,and from Rome finally connecting to the Hudson Riverwhich eventually dumps into the Atlantic Ocean. Haines began to go further on in his report telling how hefeels that this GRAND CANAL will catapult New York tothe status of “The London of America.
” The people whowere backing this project and these claims may have gottencarried away with themselves when they started talkingabout how they wanted to connect the Mississippi Riverwith New York. This idea sounded good on paper but aswe now know it never was put into effect, either for lack ofmoney or the implementation of the highway system inAmerica. I actually liked this article a little bit, it did not bore me likethe others and I was able to follow along with the readingeasily. I do not know if the Erie Canal was what originallystarted New York off to its prominent status, but NewYork sure is today very successful. As Haines hadenvisioned it back then, today it has a good case for being”The London of America.”Miscellaneous

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