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Published: 2021-07-31 19:35:08
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MCA concert 2014 took place in AATF Sports Complex. The concert started by 5:00 pm and first off was the preschool students and elementary students. Everyone was entertained to see such enthusiastic and energetic performances from these little kids who poured their hearts out in performing. Some Performances was also joined by some teachers, who were directing the little children in front of the stage. It was truly amusing to see these students dance without any trace of nervousness and be nonchalant and so happy.
Adding up to this radiant atmosphere are the parents whose showing full support on their kids and are very near to the stage making sure to take good videos and photos and that their son/daughter can see and her them cheer. The preschool and elementary students was followed through by the high school students who worked very hard for this day. There were a total of 27 sections in the high school department to perform but no one dared to miss even just a part of it. The performance of the high school department was opened by the fourth year excellence. Every performance enthralled the judges and the audience.
Each performance reflected the effort given by each student. Each section gave everything for a pleasurable and gratifying and to make a great sale of tickets. Every section may only be given few minutes but each performance holds so much, as if you’ll see their hard work given during their practices and it showed everything they did to give praise through their performance. Their entire endeavor was not wasted though, and was recognized after the concert. Awards were given to the best performances each year level which was received by Grade 7 Contentment, Grade 8 Sympathy, Grade 9 Justice and 4th year Excellence.
Also charity award was given to those who donated for our school’s cause and the first place was given to Jersey Keith Pineda. The overall champion was the 4th year Excellence who also made a record of having the highest sale of tickets ever. The Highest performance scores were acquired by fourth year Endurance, grade 8 Goodness and fourth year Excellence, respectively. But to think of it the best performances are not those which got applauded the most but rather those who truly had fun performing and showing their God-given Talents while at the same time gave honor and praise to our almighty God.
It was stated by many faculty members, students, and even parents that this has been the best concert we had for years. Truly MCA concert brings out the beat in us. It brought out leadership skills, team work and perseverance from each section. But more than the fund raising, lights, the performances and the awards, the most important thing that this concert had done to us was inculcating stronger faith in God and teaching us to dedicate and offer everything to Him.

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