Natural Environment and Chinese Painting Essay

Published: 2021-07-30 18:00:09
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Why does Embank doesn’t have any fixed tonality was instrumental accompanied? >> Because it is similar to a chant, it has no fixed tonality nor instrumental accompaniment, 5. Who are the usually singer of the Embank? Are the children allow to sing too? Men and women who are of the right age usually sings the Embank. Children are not allowed because it a Mangy found a beautiful embank, he/ she makes a copy of it by inscribing it on a piece of bamboo. 6. Why do the Mangy have musical instrument if they don’t accompany it in their chant song? Is there any difference if the Mangy accompany Embank tit musical instrument?
Ritual chanting can be accompanied by musical instruments while a lullaby can be sung without any instrument. Yes because it will defeat its characteristics of being capable and non tonal. ART 1. How can we classify the Chinese Painting? >> Chinese paintings were ornamental, not representational, consisted Of patterns or designs and not pictures. 2. Is there any difference between Chinese Painting and Other Asian Painting? There are differences because the Chinese uses its own brush strokes similar to those used in calligraphy and color wash techniques.
Flower painting combined with the Chinese tradition of painting birds and animals. 3. What do the Chinese Painting Express? More than representation of a form, Chinese painting seeks to express the heart, the internal movement tooth beings. It is made up tot one or more poems, calligraphy, a painted image and the seal of the artist. 4. Does painting also evolve as time goes by? How is that possible? Yes. The artists represent the world around them. Its roots take source in an original way of thinking much older which stresses the unity of the man and cosmos and he uninterrupted dynamism of this universe. . What is the difference of waltz to the other Ballroom dance? Waltz is a smooth progressive dance traveling around the line o dance. It is characterized by long, flowing movements, with continuous turns, rise and fall which differentiate the waltz from Other ballroom dances. 2. Is rhythm important in dancing? How is the rhythm in dancing differ from the rhythm in singing? Yes. It is different because in dancing, rhythm is sweet, melodic and fluid. It is often orchestral or instrumental music while in singing it s more on vocal music. 3.
How important is the Basic Dance Step in the actual dance? This is important because it is the stepping stone to actual dancing, If one perfects the basic dance step, then he/she will possibly become a good dancer. 4. Is the history of the dance important for the whole presentation?

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