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Published: 2021-07-31 14:35:06
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“We Will Rock You” is a famous song, which could be for its attractive clapping rhythm, the powerful chorus sung unanimously and the magic guitar solo played by Brian May at the end of this piece of music. Those factors turned this song in an anthem of rock, being versioned and mixed by more than 50 artists, several appearances in films and television programs, commercials, radio, etc. But in 1992 appeared a version that probably will blow you mind, this is the Warrant version, which cover was made for the soundtrack of the movie “Gladiator”. Before to start is good to know some aspects of the song, the band and the cover that will be discussed on this essay, “We will rock you” is a song written by Brian May, was first published in the sixth album by Queen: News of the World, in 1977, and was reprinted several times in numerous compilations put out for sale after the death of singer Freddie Mercury. The song is ranked at no.
330 of the 500 best songs of history according to Rolling Stone. Moreover Queen is a British rock band, formed in 1970 by Freddie Mercury (singer), the other members are Brian May (guitarist), Roger Taylor (drummer) and John Deacon (bassist). On the other hand Warrant is a Hard rock band which obtained his greatest success during the nineties with their single and album Cherry Pie. The band became known for its loud songs focused on sex like “Down Boys” or “Cherry Pie” but also the band was known for its power ballads like “Heaven”, “Sometimes She Cries” and “I Saw Red”. After Mercury’s death was very difficult tried to cover any song from Queen, but Warrant tried to prove some luck making the cover for the film Gladiator.
Nothing guarantees that immediately people would love this version, even more being an immortal Queen classic, (as happened when Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ cover the same theme, and frankly was not a good version). After hearing the Warrant’s cover, people could found an interesting and adapted version to the style of this band. Sure, it’s a more metal sound, but always respecting and not deforming the original one as for example in the case of a cover made by “El General” an undistinguished Latin tribute for Queen in 1997. Warrant version is much wilder than Queen’s one, Warrant song has powerful riffs which will make you sing and follow a more rapid catchy rhythm that transmits energy, power, personality, courage. It is a totally more modern version, rejuvenated.
Most people think the original by Queen is the best, a classic in every sense of the word, but also they think that is amazed by how good this cover is. It’s most people, who liked them from their early radio hits, would never expect this from them. They were an extremely underestimated band who never got the credit they deserved. Producers (and many fans as well) seemed to only want the “commercial” songs and never gave their other chance. I like how the band changed it and added some things to make it their own song, they gave a metal style, and that is the concept of made covers, Warrant could understood that the purpose of a cover a song is to recreate the song in your own style.
They knew what they were doing, and I think they fulfilled with what they proposed. In my opinion its version is much better than the original, Warrant took a good song and made it awesome. For me they were so much better than so many bands from that era but were never able to reach their full potential, they deserve the respect that they never gave and I am sure when rock history would be more precise, will prove that grunge came to kill it, because it took off happiness, joy for living, the desire to say I’M ALIVE.
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