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Published: 2021-07-17 09:10:06
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Morton Salt is a prominent American company situated in the Lake City that makes salt for food consumption, water needs, industrial, rural or road use, and other human needs. The main branch is based in Chicago and is a leading producer in North America and a well-known marketer.
The firm was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1848 as a not very large sales agency. Wheeler launched Onondaga salt companies to sell their product in the Midwest. In 1910, this rather successful business, which until then became a producer and seller of salt, was formed as a company of Morton Salt. He was named after the founder, Joy Morton, who was the son of J. Stirling Morton, the founder of the Tree Day.
Nowadays you can even take a trip to the Lake City and take a look at how the Morton salt is made, and which equipment is used for it.
How can we get salt?
The property of salt is to precipitate and fall to the bottom. This process occurs without human help or any technical equipment. In nature, it is present in sedimentary rocks in sufficient quantities. Geologists call it rock salt; it really is a rock conglomerate. But if this monolith is influenced by high temperatures and pressure, then it softens and becomes so consistent that it can be selected from the formation by specific equipment. If the salt layers lay not deep from the surface, then the development is carried out in a mine way. This production is the least costly and is used on the formations around the world.
Another method of production is used for the formation of salt layers at a depth from the surface. His principle is to drill wells and fill it with water to dissolve salt. The resulting brine is pumped onto the surface; then the salt is weld from this brine. This production method is called a vacuum, with the help of which we can receive the salt of fine grinding.
In the presence of huge salt domes in the subsoil, mine is built, combines for rock production are launched in it, and the salt is extracted according to the same principle as coal or other solid minerals. There are naturally formed salt caves and lakes, which organize the production of fossil salt on an industrial scale.
How we get Morton Salt?
We receive the outcome after introducing the water into specific salt caves, where its deposits are dissolved, and in turn it makes possible for the brine to get to the surface in order to be processed with special equipment. It is necessary to get rid of a large amount of liquid correctly, so the brine is boiled. The finished product on this stage is crystal deposits of salt. At this point, if everything is done correctly, the production process is coming to an end. The crystal deposits need one more stage, which is trying to remove all the remaining moisture. When everything is done correctly, we can see the resulting product, salt. Of course, salt production is a long and hard process, but if the professional deal with it, we can see an amazing outcome.
Now, when the salt production is finished, it needs further production, putting into finished round cans which are done on-site. Before packaging, the product is stored in silos. Usually, Morton Salt is put into round cans made of two sheets of the board that are glued together. Before being finished, the can`s production is conducted by creating a long round tube which is cut into pieces with special equipment. If everything was done correctly, all the ingredients are later put into a small round can with a beautiful design. But there is also another design for it, which is usually used at home at the dinner table. The glass bottles with pepper grinders are perfect for family dinner. The complex of ingredients of high quality with a convenient bottle with pepper grinders are sure to make tasting the food easier and better. Also, you can find pepper miniatures in the same glass bottles. Many people agree that that is much more convenient than putting the salt in a bag or box. Pepper miniatures are easy to travel with, and they look relevant on the dinner table, unlike the bag and box which are too big and inconvenient.
What we see at a glance is a design of the package, and all people acquainted with Morton Salt paid attention to the girl illustrated on it. There is no real person for modeling the girl, but a lot of students use her for their projects about the salt. Girl costume is easily recognized, as people saw it during the usage of the product for different aims. Although the girl costume has changed a lot throughout the years, the girl with the umbrella will always be associated with Morton Salt. 

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