Mis Education of the Negro Essay

Published: 2021-08-02 10:15:07
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Long before the Civil War the mis-education of Negroes began. Missionaries were sent south to teach freed slaves and schools began toform.
Rather than help the Negroes develop they instead set out totransform them into what they wanted them to be, allowing them to learnwhat they wanted them to learn. Freed men who considered themselveswell educated taught other freed men, but had no curriculum other thanthat made by whites for whites educating Negroes away from therehistory. Negroes were left out of all educational curriculum except tocondemn them or portray them as savages. Whites were tough to hateNegroes and Negroes were taught to feel inferior to whites.
Negroeswere not allowed there rightful place in Science not telling students thatancient Africans knew sufficient science. Not telling them about howthey made poisons for there arrow heads and mixed colors to createpaint. They left out Negro inventors altogether often claming there inventionsas there own. Negroes were never taught about what they brought overfrom Africa, there ideas or there influences. Nothing was taught aboutAfrican language and in literature the Africans were never mentioned.
Negro doctors were taught that they were carriers of germs such assyphilis and tuberculosis which began as a white man diseases, butbecause they had not developed a immunity to theses diseases yet inbecame wide spread among the Negro community . Negro lawyers were taught that they belonged to the most criminalelement in the country. The Supreme Court permitted the judicialnullification of the 14th and 15th amendment. In history the Negro wasportrayed as having no thought and nothing to contribute.
Nothing wasever taught about how they were the first to domesticate sheep, cows andgoats or how they were the first to introduce trial by jury. Negroes havebeen taught theses things for so long that they have become lost in thebias views of the white society, still teaching and learning what thewhite man wants us to know.Words/ Pages : 316 / 24

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