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Published: 2021-07-14 11:05:06
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Men, what are we?Men, is described as a mammal, a vertebrates.
Rabbit, cow, are also mammals but they follow a rule. They exist with the ecosystem in a unique balance, food web that is determined from producers to 1st order consumer, to 2nd . 1st orders being the herbivore like rabbit. 2nd the predators, fox.
Because of the food web the population of a species are well balanced. They now how and when to stop, in growth of a population. But men deny the term mammal. We cry havoc into the world of order and destroy anything that gets in our way.
We seek riches and high society. We burn forest after forest, crippling the land once rich, and full of life. Just to produce paper when it can be harvested using hash. To use the land for cattle for 3 year when it could of lived till end of the world it self. What are we? Over the history of time there is the losers and the winners. There have been wars, hatred of different colors of skin.
This kind of behavior is seen in the apes, they fight to keep their stasis, show cruelty to others. But they never kill there own. They throw them into exile for a month and they can be reentered into the family. The ape (gorillas) is trying to survive and give the best gene to the next line of youth.
We also do that. But that doesnt explain the cruel behavior to unusual people. We are developed mostly with love, from our families and we hate. We all went though when we were bugged, and battered.
Yet, when the time comes and the table has turned to another, we join and show cruelty. There is no animal that behaves like us. Men are trying to survive to, get good job, and give the beast for family. In nature more likely then less there is a born instinct, instinct to eat, run, and swim up the river when time to lay eggs, and instinct to kill. No matter what there is an individual whom lived in a good family, good life, had all wanted and more. Loving family, and friends.
Who become killers for fun, mantle maybe. But most are described as natural born killer. The fact of natural born killer is still deviated, wither the gene can carry a killer, to they are good people but the nurture was bad. Virus infests and destroys the cell, and uses the energy to reproduce it self. Men can be seen as a virus evil entity that sucks the life.
We can be also seen as a parasite, parasite will live long, as there is a host. Some time there is a good relationship between the host and the parasite. We are the parasite and the world is the host, or if you are religious. It can be seen as we are the parasites and the host is God. Men, in todays society is the cancer that surfercates the world.
Unless we as a society change humanity will being the death of the world.

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