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Published: 2021-07-27 12:30:07
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Historical MacBeth compared to Shakespeare’s MacBeth Although most of Shakespeare’s play ” MacBeth ” is not historicallyaccurate,MacBeth’s life is the subject of the tragedy.
There are charactersand eventsthat are based on true events and real persons but, Shakespeare’s”MacBeth” differs significantly from history’s MacBeth. The first example of a differencebetween the Shakespeare “MacBeth” andhistorical MacBeth is the death of DuncanI. In Shakespeare’s ” MacBeth “,Duncan I was murdered by MacBeth. A prophecysaid to MacBeth by one of thethree witches “All hail, MacBeth, that shaltbe King hereafter1 . ” was whatprompted Gruoch, MacBeth’s wife to plot themurder of Duncan I as he sleptin their castle.
In history, MacBeth establishedhimself as the King ofScots after killing his cousin Duncan I, in battle nearElgin not as inShakespeare’s play by killing him in his sleep. Duncan I waskilled on August14, 1040. MacBeth then reigned as king for seventeen years. Aspreviously stated Duncan I and MacBeth were cousins, a fact notbrought outin the play. Shakespeare loosely based the play,” MacBeth ” onevents he foundin Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, andIreland.
” RaphaelHolinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland,are the materialsthat furnished Shakespeare with his plot2. The chronicleswere an account ofthe history of the country of which they came from. Another major difference,is that Duncan I was not the ageing andrespected king Shakespeare makes himout to be, In real life, Fiona SummersetFry author of History of Scotlandsays ” He was actually an impetuous and spoilt young man whose sixyears ofkingship brought glory neither to Scotland nor to his family3. “In the play’slast scene, McDuff kills MacBeth and automatically becomesthe new King ofScots.
In actual history MacBeth is killed by Malcom IIIbut Lulach, MacBeth’sstepson, becomes the king after the noblemen of Morayfight for his succession. Lulach reigned for seven months and was thendethroned by Malcom III of Caenmore. MacBethis presented in the play as clumsy and unorganised. In realitythough, hewas one of the best kings that Scotland ever had. ” During hisreign, he wenton a pilgrimage to Rome for several months4.
” His kingdom wasin well enoughorder and he was in high enough regard with his nobleman thathe could leavefor a long period of time. Another way you could tell thatMacBeth was a goodking because, ” He organized troops of men to patrol thewilder countrysideand enforce some type of law and order5. ” As far ashistorians know, this wasthe first type of law and order in Scotland before1100. Shakespeare hadfinancial and political motivation to change some of thehistorical facts. In order for him to receive payment for his writing it wasnecessary for himto impress King James I.
Shakespeare also changed the nameof his acting companyto the ” Kings men,” because he wanted to establishhimself as a better writer.He could do this by having the King’s influence.Words/ Pages : 461 / 24

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