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Published: 2021-07-13 06:40:06
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Environmental ExperienceKerwin KettlerMarch 29, 2004Thesis Research ProposalTo design an interactive learning center for students with learningdisabilities. Project Goals:Primary Users – will be student’s preschool – grad school.
A small portionof the primary users will be adults who need assistance with resumes etc. due to their learning disabilities. Determine environmental connections, needs, problems of your primary users- there will be a lot of younger children so therefore avoid sharp servicesand slippery floors. Develop many interactive learning centers. I feel that this project is necessary because millions of people sufferfrom learning disabilities everyday.
Some people forget that this is justas much of disability as someone in a wheel chair. It affects the person’spersona of themselves, the world around them and not to mention theirfuture.

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