Juveniles committing violent crimes should be trie Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 17:20:07
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d as adultsArgumentative EssayJuveniles committing violent crimes should be tried as adultsWhen one hears of a criminal who has committed a violent crime, one does not usually conjure up images of a person with whom he or she would like to spend a lot of time.
This is because the person described is a criminal, one who has the mindset of committing a violent offense. No matter the age of the criminal, he or she would be nonetheless a rather unappealing companion. Violent crime is defined by the Department of Justice as homicide, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, and assault. These are all actions that sound horrible and reap even more horrible consequences.
Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of juvenile violence; even children under 16 are committing these heinous acts. It is of my assertion that anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted in the same manner, hence that minors must be prosecuted as adults. Juvenile crime is a serious and growing epidemic. The figures for juveniles committing crimes that are serious, heterogeneous, or non-serious mirror those of offenders between the ages of eighteen and twenty (U. S.
Department of Justice/ FBI fact file). Any study can show the same facts- that youth violence and criminal acts are on the rise. These must be punished. The causes or signs of risk of teen violence can be shown in many factors: violent media, bullying, depression, being an outcast, fascination with guns or death, societys opinion, and teenage mood swings. Individuals that exhibit these qualities very often commit violent crimes.
These characteristics are that of personality, not necessarily able to be changed without a serious program (such as detention or prison). Also, these individuals are usually possessing motives when committing the crimes; if he or she has the adult mentality to do an adult crime, it is only logical and fair that he or she is punished likewise. Though a juvenile may not understand their circumstances or not have full brain development, he or she is still capable of deciding right and wrong- every human has a moral code, even toddlers know this difference. Anyone, no matter the age, should receive an equalizing punishment for a violent crime.
Such acts may not go unnoticed; the criminals must be dealt with in a legal manner. Prosecuting juveniles as adults for the violent crimes that they commit gives the best chance of issuing a sentence that is in accordance with the offense. All should be fair in love, war, crime, and punishment.

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