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Published: 2021-07-13 04:35:07
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Here’s your big chance to make some extra cash right out of your home. You won’t believe how much money you can make doing this. You can easily make up to a $1000 weekly working only 2-3 hours a day. We will supply you with all materials to start making $4.
00 for every letter you process and mail out! The best part of all this is there is no limit! You can ship us back as many letters as you want. Positions are being filled very quickly and the longer you wait, the more likely you will not get accepted in this once in a lifetime opportunity! Keep reading to learn more and register today! You will NEVER have to sell any of our products in ordered to get paid. Your pay will be based on the number of letters you mail us. You will not have to make any cold calls or solicit door to door trying to make sales.
You will get paid $4. 00 for every envelope regardless if a customer buys our products. Mailing letters from home can make you more money than you could ever dream of. You will no longer have to wake up and take that long drive to work and suffer all those long hours.
From now on, you can just wake up and say, “I’m my own boss!” You can work the hours you want and do what you want. There will be no boss looking over your shoulder ever again. This program will allow you to choose your own hours and work at your own pace. There are no obligations.
You can easily make up to two times as much money than your regular paying job. As a home mailer, all you need to do is follow our simple step by step instructions that will lead you to success. This work will mainly consist of securing pre-addressed envelopes that are delivered directly to your home. Once our envelopes are shipped to your house, all you do is mail our envelopes back to our company and insert our professionally written sales letters inside. For every envelope stuffed with our sales letter inside, you will be paid $4.
00 for each one. That’s it!!! Our company handles the rest. The completed envelopes will be mailed back to us in bulks. Our company will supply you with envelopes to ship back the completed envelopes.
All postage expenses will be added onto your paychecks so you will not have to pay any postage expenses. Mailing letters from homeOur company is currently seeking dependable workers from all over the world to support our mailing efforts. We do not wish to hire regular employees to handle the task of processing letters for it puts a great strain on our company’s budget. Not only do employees require a salary, but also in addition, the company has to consider benefits, insurance, vacation, office space and a host of other added expenses that are far too costly for us.
The main difference between working for someone in an office and at home is cost. Companies will save money on: machinery, office space, office equipment, and not having to hire full time employees when they won’t need them all year around. This is why companies can afford to pay so much more to people mailing letters from home. It can make it less expensive for companies to farm-out certain tasks or jobs.
It benefits both ways!! Therefore, we are eager to establish rapport with professional and Independent Home Workers. HOW THIS IS POSSIBLEWe do not require that you send a certain amount per week. You may send out as many letters as you wish, or as many as you can secure! You are in control! You will be paid $4. 00 for each Letter you mail us, so the more you ship, the more money you’ll make! This means your income is controlled by your own ambition and willingness to work.
Just think of the possibilities! The average home mailer can stuff 75 -100 letters in about less than an hour. Think of the money you can make just working a few hours a day or in your spare time. The money you can make is just incredible and remember there is no limit. You can send us as many envelopes as your heart desires. 100 letters a week = $400200 letters a week = $800300 letters a week = $1200400 letters a week = $1600Bonus500 letters a week = $2000 + $500 bonus1000 letters a week = $4000 + $1000 bonusOur company will always supply you with all materials to start mailing letters from home. Most companies will not send you anything other than a few sheets of paper.
Once you register in our program you will be given access to our Members Site. From this site, you can reorder supplies absolutely FREE!!! You will always be provided with more supplies for as long you stay working in our program. Your supplies will include our sales letter, envelopes, and mailing labels. Your shipment of supplies will allow you to send back 500 letters back to our company for immediate payment.
This amount will immediately be double once you submit 500 Letters two consecutive weeks in a row GUARANTEED! All we ask is for a small ONE time REFUNDABLE deposit of $89. 95 US to get started. This fee will cover for your Lifetime Membership, unlimited amount of supplies, password to our Members Site, and free postage for all shipping expenses. Unfortunately, there are many people that are not interested in pursuing this opportunity but only wish to fulfill their own curiosity.
This would not be much of a burden to us if our materials didn’t cost so much money. Also since finding your help was such a high investment, we must require a small fee of $89. 95. Though we desperately need home workers to process our Letters for our company, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious and have no intention other than to satisfy their own curiosity. The fee proves to us you are serious about making money from home and helps weed out the ones who are not. Words/ Pages : 1,031 / 24

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