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Published: 2021-07-13 15:55:08
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Jesse Owens, one of americans greatest track and field athletes, was born on a small farm in Danville, Alabama.
His parents were sharecroppers who migrated to Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland was where Jesse first started his running career in Junior High School. In Fairmount Junior high School a man named Charles Riley taught there. Putting together a boys track team, Riley met Jesse, and timed him in a sprint down East 167th street.
He was amazed by Jesses speed. He worked Jesse till he got to the Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Jesse received the official Nazi Swastika from Reichfuekrer Adolf Hitler. Jesse ran the 100-m dash with a time of 10. 3 seconds, the 200-m dash with a time of 20.
7 seconds, and the 400-m relay where he got a time of 39. 8 seconds. In all three events Jesse won the gold and set two world records. Jesse did one field event which was the running broad jump where he won another gold medal and set a new record with the measurements of 26ft 5 3/8.
Jesse was known for his skills in track and field, but most of all his dedication to it all. Jesse Owens lived from 1913-1980.Bibliography:

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