Haywin the Painting Essay

Published: 2021-07-30 15:20:08
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This painting shows us a beautiful scene of the countryside along with a cottage type of house made of brick and wood. There is so much variety shown in this composition with all of the amazing details. Directly behind the house and in the background you can see a lot of amazing trees, and in the beautifully painted blue sky. The sky is filled with puffy clouds lazily floating across the sky. A few of the clouds are shaded a grey color as if a storm is moving in chin. John
Constable has a way Of accurately showing us nature in this landscape scene, and by accurately showing us this John Constables theme of unity between man and nature is realized, and because the humans in this painting seem to blend into the artwork. Like in the pond like body of water are two humans that are trying to get the horse drawn wagon across the body of water. It is almost like we are not supposed to be drawn to the humans in the painting. There are no real features that stand out much on the humans there are just kind of there.
The go has more details on him then the humans, hut it is all still amazing. If we look at the painting some more you can see that there is a medium sized body of water in the foreground of the painting, am confused about what type of body of water it is, but most likely it is a shallow pond that is fed tromp a very small stream which can he seen in the background of the painting, In Haying you can see a contrast between the pool Atwater, the tall beautiful trees and the bold brick house.
The different colors complement each other throughout this ice and are repeated to add harmony to the piece of artwork. The cool blue colors of the pool of water are reflected in the sky causing a symmetrical balance within the painting. Also in Haying the red of the house is highlighted in the trees everywhere In the pond like body of water are two humans that are trying to get the horse drawn wagon across the body of water. The horses themselves are really beautiful, they are black and dark brown, and the red is seen again in the harness of the horses.

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