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Today people visit one anothers houses differently than they did in the past. No longer do friends and neighbors brighten doorsteps with fresh baked goodies and good conversation, instead its Do you have? and Can I use? With the change of societys visitations, houseguest and company can be divided into three categories depending on their reasons for visiting: the drop-in, the moocher, and the slumber party friend. The first kind of houseguest is the drop-in. Drop-ins are nosey friends and neighbors who come to ones house with out being invited or calling to announce their visit. The drop-ins may visit for a couple of reasons. One reason for their visits is to see what valuables one may be hiding behind close doors.
They are curious to know if they have everything, if not more, that their neighbors have. The other reason they stop by is to spread gossip. These people are the news reporters of the neighborhood. They either looking for new juicy gossip or out to air some ones dirty laundry. Glazing out windows, peeking behind garbage cans these meddlesome neighbors arent as annoying then the houseguest know as the moocher.
The second kind of houseguest is the moocher. Theyre similar to the drop-in, come to ones house with a purpose other than fellowshipping. Moochers are friends and relatives who visit unexpectedly wanting to borrow something or to receive a service not found in their own house. Most of them stop over for the sole purpose eating. They, some how manage to, show up during meal hours and expect a five-course plate. The most popular line a moocher may use is Oh that sure smells good; may I taste it? Another prime time for a moocher to visit is during special events on television, such as boxing or sport championship games.
They will arrive to the house with out any beer, food, or snacks and become offended if anyone questions them. The mindset of a moocher is to get by with out paying for any thing. Therefore, they prey on friends and family to borrow every thing from a car to a cup of sugar. Finally the third kind of houseguest is the slumber party friend. The slumber party friend is much like the drop-in and the moocher however, the slumber party friends tends to over stays their welcome. Occasionally these people at the beginning are pleasant company, but they need a hint to inform them it is time to leave.
For instance, a houseguests allowed to reside over night sometimes receive the wrong ideal that they can extend their stay longer. Both of these situations must be dealt with accordingly to prevent unwanted drama. One sure way not to send the wrong message is never say stay as long as you need or I wish you did not have to leave so soon. If a slumber party friend is dealt with lightly, an extra plate will needed on the table constantly.
Due to drop-ins, moochers, and slumber party friends, careful consideration must be taken when opening the house doors to company. It may be a drop in in hope to pollute ones house with gossip, a moocher expecting a free hand out, or a slumber party friend wishing to find a new roommate or home.Bibliography:

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