Symbolism In The Great Gatsby Essay

Published: 2021-07-26 20:25:03
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The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby, by F.
Scott Fitzgerald, contains many literary devices. One of such devices is characterization, the author’s method of describing characters. In this novel, the author creates many of the characters to be superficial. Through their actions, comments, and descriptions, Fitzgerald gives the reader an idea of the characters. One such character proves to be Daisy. Although she had fallen in love with Gatsby when she first met him, when he was at war she quickly wanted something to shape her life.
Because of the wealth and lifestyle involved, she chose Tom Buchanan as her husband. Later, we see that Daisy still loves Gatsby, and cheats on Tom because of this. This act shows that she is disloyal and shallow. Daisy believes that she can go on with life however she wants and not have to worry about those she affects. She was the driver of the car and killed Myrtle, yet she let Gatsby die because of his love for her.
Daisy abused Gatsby’s emotions, and then left the area with Tom to get away from the destruction they caused. These are ways in which Daisy proved to be a superficial character. Another character who displays such qualities is Daisy’s husband, Tom. Tom is even more dishonest than Daisy, a notion that begins taking shape with the discovery of Tom’s “girl” in the city.
Tom proves to be a man of little morals. Although he confronts Daisy about morals in her relationship with Gatsby, Tom has his own woman on the side. Also, he lets this fact be known by others as though it does not bother him, an exposing of his nature. Later, after Myrtle is killed in the accident, Tom shows sadness, but not remorse. Tom then instructs George to murder Gatsby, an act that comes more from a heart seeking revenge for Daisy than for Myrtle.
In the wake of both of these events, Tom gets together his family and goes away to avoid the mess he made. These actions make the superficial nature of Tom obvious. Throughout The Great Gatsby the reader uncovers many different types of characters, many similar. One of the most common traits is that of being and acting superficial. This behavior was made prevalent by both Daisy and

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