Essay on Society’s Role in Child Labour Essay

Published: 2021-08-02 08:20:07
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Child labour is wide spread across worldwide to many extents, and society is not doing anything to change that. This is a topic that is known by everyone, but very few act against it for several reasons. At an individual’s point of view, based on their ethics and morals, they may not find child labour to be wrong. While similarly in a society their viewpoint can be heavily influenced by the judgment of other members of society. Children across the world are working in unsafe conditions to make products, for cheaper labour and a cheaper price.
Their lives are endangered working long shifts in terrible conditions all to be underpaid. Society is not accurately presented to all the information there is on child labour because there is not enough information being reported. In the end, it is an individual’s decision based on how they ethically and morally differentiate right from wrong. Nothing is being done to eradicate child labour because of the price differences, society is not being educated enough on the topic and every person’s definition of what they find ethically right or wrong. The lower price society pays for products are very beneficial to society members but it is detrimental to the children being underpaid to make such products. Child labor has become an issue over the years simply because industries are not ready to pay the high price for adult labor.
(Abernethie, 1998, p. 84) Powerful industries do not want to pay more for adult labor that comes with many rights ad regulations. In order to make a higher profit, industries cut back on their labor prices by underpaying children to work long and hard shifts on a daily basis. (Deb, 2012, p. 253) They choose to misuse children and force them to complete hard tasks with min. .
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Dublin: Development Education Unit, Concern Worldwide. Retrieved from Child Labour

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