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Published: 2021-07-23 19:10:05
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The role of animated films in child’s mentality
The role of animated films in the upbringing of a child has recently been increasingly emphasized by the media, film critics, psychologists, and educators. Numerous sociological studies indicate that modern cartoons can not only affect the behavior of the child but also contribute to the formation of his worldview in many ways. Bright and entertaining cartoons have always been loved by children from every corner of the planet.
They have a lot of advantages. Their ability to educate, develop, and nurture certain qualities in children, make them able to compete with children’s books, developing games and even human communication. The child learns through cartoons about ways of interacting with the world around him, forms his primary beliefs about good and evil. By associating oneself with the cartoon characters, the child learns a respectful attitude to others, learns to fight with his fears.
In general, he learns how to behave in this or that situation. The cartoon is effectively used in the upbringing of the child since it has a great influence on the formation of his worldview, thinking, and the notion of standards of good and bad behavior.
My favorite cartoon character
When I was a little girl, I had a lot of cartoons that still occupy a large space in my heart. Some of them like ‘Shrek,’ ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Toy story’ are still popular among children and some of them like ‘Ducktales,’ ‘Woody Woodpecker’ and ‘Chip ‘n’ Dale’ are unfortunately forgotten.
One of my favorite cartoons is called ‘Brave.’ It was created by animation studio ‘Pixar’ in 2012. The idea and plot belong to the American writer Brenda Chapman. I just adore the main character of this cartoon.
She even was my idol. Her name is Merida, and she is a Scottish Princess. Merida looks gorgeous and has beautiful, long and curly hair of a red color. She has a cheerful and kind family.
Father — the king, three naughty brothers, and beautiful and elegant queen mother. Merida is very similar to her father — the brave warrior king with a wild heart. Mom always wanted Merida to grow up like a real princess — well-bred, elegant and refined. She constantly tries to put her daughter in the right direction; she wants to marry her daughter to the king from another kingdom.
However, the princess likes to shoot arrows and walk in the woods. One day Merida quarrels with her mother and wants to change her. She goes to a witch and makes a wish for the queen to become different. Her mother actually changes — she turns into a bear.
Merida realizes her mistake and begins to look for a way to fix it. Together with her mother, they experience many adventures and dangers before the princess manages to cancel the spell. You will definitely enjoy the visual component. It will attract all the lovers of the Middle Ages because its actions take place in beautiful and fairy Scotland.
My favorite cartoon is a good and educative story. On the experience of the princess, it shows that you should not think only about yourself, and what unexpected consequences this can lead to. This is a cartoon about how hard it is to fix all the bad things that we do to our loved ones and how important it is to value what you have. My cartoon essay has a goal to make you necessarily watch this cartoon and show it to your children and parents.
It is definitely worth it, and you will get only positive emotions and impressions.

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