Drawing and Anatomy: The Shoulder Girdle and Forearm Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 18:15:06
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Duration: About four hours. Materials needed: Toned paper, White and black pencils. Criteria for success: Your drawing must include a single light source and a well-constructed composition. Your value Structure should contain all the elements mentioned in the lecture. Your drawing should also illustrate carrying angles found in the bones and muscles shown in the dissection casts in the library. Review Questions Name all three parts of the Pectorals Major? Can you find the Brainchild? Can you find the Biceps or (Biceps brainchild)? Can you find the Trips? Can you find the Trapezium?
Can you find the lesser muscles to the scapula? (Infatuates, Trees Major, Trees Minor. Can you name and fined a Floor and Extensor muscle in your Forearm? Name all three parts of the Deltoid? Brachia Origin: Halfway down the anterior surface of the hummers, it also roles around the lateral side as well. Insertion: The anterior surface of the ulna just below the trachea notch. Action: Flexes the arm. Biceps or (Biceps brainchild) Long head: Supra-solenoid tubercle. Short head: Carotid process. Insertion: Common Tubercle Of the Radius & Bacterial penurious Flexes forearm and rotates radius
Pectorals Major origin: Clavicle: The inferior surfaces of the medial half of the clavicle. Stereoscopes: Sternum, erects abdomens and the cartilage of ribs 5-7. Abdominal: 7th rib. The lateral lip of the bacterial groove to the hummers. Clavicle: Helps raise and flex the arm. Stereoscopes: Adducts the arm and medially rotates the arm as well. Abdominal: pulls down the arm. Deltoid Clavicle: Lateral bottom 3rd Of the clavicle. Charcoal: The out side border Of the accordion. Posterior: The lower edge of the spine of the scapula. Insertion: Common The deltoid tuberose’s halfway down the hummers.
Clavicle: Draws the arm forward & rotates it inward. Charcoal: Raises the arm. Posterior: Draws arm backward and rotates it outward. Origin: Lateral Head: Just below the head of the Hummers on the backside & ending halfway down, Triceps Long Head: Infra-solenoid tubercle. Medial Head: The lower portion of the back of the hummers On the Electron. Powerfully extends the forearm. Trapezium The Occipital bone & Nepal Ligament, down the copious processes from C I to T Lateral 3rd of the clavicle, Accordion pros. & spin of the Scapula. Extends and rotates the head, Elevates the shoulder Blades and hoists the trunk.

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