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Published: 2021-07-16 19:30:06
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Monday 15/03/04Dorothea Dix was born in Hamden Maine April 4, 1802, and she diedJuly 18 1887. She was 85 years old when she died . She has two brothers andone sisters.
she was born in little hut . No father her mothervisitDorothea’s grandparents who he lives in boston . Dorothea has a new life shehave her own bedroom. . When Dorothea has seven years old she going toschool.
When Dorothea was twenty years old, she decided to write a bookcalled Conversation on common things which she became popular. Dorotheateach at a school for two years . After that she returned to boston andprepared herself more she can teaching. When she has twenty four shedecided to open a school for poor child. . Her grandmother “s say to herdon’t bring any child who has diseases in my house.
WhenDorotheawas 30 years old she decided to open her own school who she ocupedthirty four child. . when she was thirty four years old she married with aDr. His wife decided to open a school nursing who she teaching in theschool. In July 18 1887 she was to old and she died. Jesse Owens was born September 12 1913 in a little town namedOakville.
He was died in march 31 1980. He has 73 years old when he died. Jesse lived in a family poor. His family call him J.
C . When he was eightyears old his family moved to find a better job for his father. When Jessewas in eight grader he practice sports in his school. When Jesse has 13years old he gong to a new school. One day Jesse practice track AdolfHitler came to watching him . Adolf ask Jesse if he want to play track.
After two years Jesse goes to the Olympic who he won the firstprize. . One day he say to himself I must going to Ohio university tocontinue his track career. When Jesse is in college he goes to the nationalchampionship who he won the championship. After six years he was the firstperson who won many game. In 1980 he has a cancer and he died.
Many peoplegoes to his funerail

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