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Published: 2021-07-16 02:50:06
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The subject that I want to discuss is not about a place or an object but of a privilage. In Cheltenham High School, there was this “privilage” known as “open campus.” This privilage allowed many upperclassmen to get some time away from school and relax at some other environment, whether it be the park or home. This was the single most awesome experience I had at high school. From my understanding, the school does not have this policy anymore. Eventhough I don’t attend the school anymore, I want to help the students push for open campus once again.
Open campus was one of the greatest experiences that I had at high school. Other schools had not implemented this policy other than our school. The policy allowed us to go somewhere other than the cafeteria during our free period. We can go out to eat at lunch or go to someone’s house for a little bit and other stuff. As a majority, the students enjoyed this privilage. I remember a time when four of my classes were free periods and my friends and I went to an arcade and came back just in time for our next class. I have many memories about open campus. But why would the school take away such a great thing? Responsibility. Some students are not as responsible as others and have abused the privilage.
The open campus policy was a very good policy that put a sense of responsibility and trust (or supposed to) into the school’s students. It is a shame that the school does not implement this policy anymore but it is a bigger shame that the students have broken Cheltenham’s time honored tradition of open policy.

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