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Published: 2021-07-30 11:50:08
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Since that is what they need, our group met and shared what we have learned from the subjects we took and professors we met. Last September 13, 2013, our group that consists Of six students from Map Institute of Technology have conducted our project implementation for our SSI 1 subject under Professor Gill Catastrophe B. Arcane. The said project implementation was a drawing tutorial given to forty (40) grade-six (6) students from Juan Ulna Elementary School.
Our group wanted to share our talents and skills to these students for them to be motivated and have their interest in the field of arts specially in traditional art of drawing which is we all know one should learn the traditional type of drawing and painting before starting digital drawing, since it often lays out the foundation tort everything about arts. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT The project mandates the participants to coordinate with the proctor that will conduct a drawing tutorial. The goal of the project is to teach the grade six students of basic of drawing and poster making.
This activity will enhance their capability to draw and conceptualize in the field of drawing. MISSION We believe that student Will hold our future. As a Map sharing our knowledge to the younger generation will give them motivation to study hard and priority the education above all else. Our mission is to teach them the basic of drawing that they can use in their future career. VISION We visualize that the participant of this project will be inspired in the field of arts. Nurturing their skill will help them to decide on which track of their life will run for.
To value their skills and to grow their foundation will give them better life. II. DISCUSSION: Project Implementation First visit On our first visit to Juan Ulna Elementary School OLEOS), while we sit and wait for he principal to have a talk with him, we try to observe the actions and behavior or the students. Active, and joyful students are most of the students we have seen. Thinking that this will be the students that were going to teach, and expecting that our group will be more challenged to teach these said active students on the date of our project implementation.
Not long, eve have talked to the principal and tell him about our group and our aim for their students. We went straight to the point to ask the principal if we could conduct our project implementation, which is drawing tutorial, in Juan Ulna Elementary School. We also told him that our target community is their students. The principal told us that we were in the right timing and shared to us that their school is in need for preparation for a district poster competition this coming September 17, 2013.
So he requested if we could also give them insights on how to think Of concepts for these poster making events for their students will be more ready in the future. For us, it will be even more challenging knowing that we have to add something on our lectures, not only drawing but also thinking concept ideas. The Papers on Department of Education Manila District After asking a request to implement our drawing tutorial in Juan Ulna Elementary School ALES), the Depend told us that we can get the confirmation letter or the Certificate of Approval a week after we submit the request letter.
Unfortunately the date of our implementation that we have cited from our request letter was way bettor the date tooth release to the Certificate to Approval. So we have no choice but to wait for the release of that certificate because even though the request letter was approved, we still can’t proceed with the implementation on Juan Ulna Elementary School because that certificate will revere as our pass for the school to give us a go signal that we can now conduct it in their school. The Day of Implementation On the day of our implementation on Juan Ulna Elementary School, everyone was busy preparing before the kids went inside the library.
Everyone was too busy preparing the materials that the kids Will use and unpacking the food to be distributed after the day. And every one of us was excited yet nervous to teach this kids and share our knowledge to them. We didn’t expect that the kids Will be cooperative and will pay attention to us even though we don’t deliver lectures he way their teachers give it to them, but still we manage to end our project implementation the way we also want it to end. Every kid was given a chance to practice their drawing skills, and take our activities and also all of them joined our poster making contest.
The whole three (3) hours was not enough but we budget our time well to complete the lecture, and the activities we had plan to do. Ill. APPENDICES Proposal Letter September 2, 2013 Dry_ Poinciana A. Mentioning, SEES V Division Superintendent Manila Good day! We are students of Mapјa Institute of Technology. As a completion of our subject Sociology 11, our group would like to ask permission from your good office to implement the drawing tutorial for selected students (40 grade 6 students) at ELIAN ULNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL located at 830 G.
Deletion street, Barbarian 397, Compact Manila and supervised by Principal Randy R. Men. The drawing tutorial includes basics of drawing elements and principle of design, and different techniques and styles in drawing, Through this activity students who are artistically inclined will be encourage to harness his/her skills and learn new techniques in executing or rendering artworks, the school is also benefited by the project because students who are involved in this activity can share and teach other schoolmate on what they learn, thus spreading knowledge and improving the art community of the school.
This also show how being artistic can be fun and interesting for those who wants to be an artist and for those who just appreciate art. In view of this matter, we would like to earnestly seek your approval to conduct the said activities on the 6th Of September 2013 Friday from 1:CPRM to 3:pm. All expenses including snacks will shouldered by our group bayou have any suggestion on the activities to be implemented to make the said activity more effective and enjoying. Please feel free to let us know. We will be willing to make the necessary adjustments.
We are looking forward to your favorable response. Thank you very much! Sincerely yours, John Kirby C. Tanned Contact numbers: 09055964477 Noted by: Proof. Gill Catastrophe Arcane Sociology Adviser Pictures The things we did on our Project Implementation. Here is Levi and Aim done teaching the students and Axel as the one took the video of the entire program. Kirby showing instructions or demo on how to sketch During the first activity: Rendering Activity (Tonal Values) During the second activity: Poster Making The kids are participating well and listening attentively.
Here is a photo of Mary Ann posing with the students. First photo: Okay won the best rendering activity (girls) Second photo: Mohair won the best Rendering activity (boys) Third photo: The group who won the poster making Individual Reflections This project implementation teaches me hoot talk in front of the elementary and to appreciate the work of a pupil that are longing for understanding of drawing. In my very first step on Juan Ulna Elementary School expect a naughty, forward, and disobedient student.
When we are asking for permission to the principal Mr.. Raman Men I observe that they are competitive school in the district. As talk to Mr.. Men he told us that they need an art project for the competition in the district. We decide to conduct a drawing tutorial for grade 6 students that are active in competing the other school. On the day to implementation was shocked that my guesses are wrong, They are quiet and listening to me as they want to understand how to draw.
They focus their attention to the speaker ND absorbing the knowledge on how to create an design, Although they are kids they manage their behavior and observing skill to cope with the lesson eve discuss to them. As the lesson go by observed that they apply the techniques we introduce to them. Appreciate their effort and their motivation to know how to draw even simple things. John Kirby Tanned Last Friday, we conducted a drawing tutorial in Juan Ulna Elementary School. We teach grade 6 students Who wants to learn how to draw.
We feel happy to our implementation goes well because the student is easy to teach. Some of the dents already know how to draw but the Others are naughty. As our tutorial continues, I observed that the students are listening carefully to the speaker and they apply all the techniques that they learned from us. We teach them the Step by step of how to draw, how to put shades in drawings and the last part is contest “Poster Making contest”. For me, the 2-3 hours session is not enough to teach the children well because the time is too short to teach all we want to them.
So, we teach the entire important lesson to them to make sure that they will apply it to their artwork. Joseph Angelo Unique That 3 hours that we have lend to the students of Juan Ulna Elementary School was one tooth most glorious 3 hours of my elite. I have taught and shared my talents to those kids and I nova i somehow inspire them to he an artist or even just be good in the field of arts. Though may say that some of them are not that interested in arts but believe that with our project implementation, we caught their attention and make them participate in it.
Aim Sarah Bad When our group is still planning about this project implementation, honestly became bored and felt lazy about this project because thought it would be very ring and less fun teaching kids how to draw and we all know that majority of the number of kids are noisy and disobedient in schools and I don’t want to get stressed but when I first walked in to the classroom, saw that the pupils are listening and very interested on what the speaker is teaching in front.
It seems that they are more focused than expected, they really proved me wrong. It is my first time to talk in front and teach kids how to draw, I don’t even do that to my younger cousins but it felt good. They are actually paying attention to every details and techniques teach. Some kids want a fun teacher so we tried our best to be fun teachers by giving jokes that are appropriate to their ages.
During the day of implementation, spent more time behind the camera because i am assigned to take footages for documentation. Saw the smile on the kids’ faces and suddenly am not tired at all. I can say that it’s all worth it spending time preparing and spending money because on the bright side, In our little ways, we helped the world by helping the kids of the future.

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