Cyber Bullying : Danger And Need Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 06:45:07
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Cyber bullying has always been an issue but no one really seems interested in it anymore. It’s like it’s an old fact that no one really cares about after hearing so much about it, however it is still affecting people all over. Those involved in cyber bullying are in danger and need help. There are many ways to help but one must first try to understand more about how to stop cyber bullies and what they’re doing to affect the people. Cyber bullying is widely known as a source of hate and depression on the internet, and the world needs to be rid of it for good.
Cyber bullying is still here, it’s simply not talked about enough. Bullying itself has been around forever, however in more recent years with the internet growing and more people going online than ever, there has been an increase in what people call cyber bullying. Cyber bullying itself could not have existed before the internet because it is, well,… cyber. The word cyber itself means online and people can use the easy and sometimes anonymous communication on the internet as a mask to bully someone. Many cyber bullies don’t actually do any bullying in person, and many cyber bullies would not strike the average person as a mean individual. Anyone that feels like cyber bullying can do it whenever they feel like it.
In many cases their strongest tool for bullying is their words. They don’t need to be a large kid or muscular, they just need to be in a bad mood. Another thing to take into account is that many don’t consider cyber bullying an issue unless it has happened to them or a loved one. Many parents that realize their child has been or is being cyber bullied had no idea in the first place. “The furious ranting was allegedly over a minor dent – more like a scratch – on th. .
y persistent and sometimes people are faced with groups of people harassing them. This is a harder problem to fix but you still follow the same steps of keeping the messages, telling people that care about you like your teachers, parents and friends. Many people seem to forget that, no matter what, there is always someone that cares about them. Bullying has been around forever, but cyber bullying is just getting started. People all around the world have fallen victim to cyber bully attacks. Evidence shows how dangerous cyber bullying can be to the victim and they deserve better.
Cyber bullying is commonly known as one of the terrible things that happens on the internet, and we need to get rid of it for good. The evidence is everywhere, and there are plenty of ways to help. People need to take a stand against the disaster that is cyber bullying and put a stop to it.

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