Compare the story The Allegory of the Cave, and the movie The Matrix Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 04:40:08
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To be told what you know will build up a boundary what you think you know. In both the Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix people were told by “enlightened” ones what the truth is about life. Although the subjects found it hard to believe they one day would find out that the truth isn’t just what they know, but it is what they will learn. In this essay I will compare the story The Allegory of the Cave, and the movie The Matrix. The movie The Matrix shows how people think they are in a reality but when tough that they are not they are a big freaked out.
In the movie Neo is told to meet with Morphius “the educated one” to discuss something important. Later on Neo has to make a choice to pick one of two pills. One pill will erase all memoire of them meeting and he will go back to his “normal” life. The other pill with introduce him to what life is really like. In other words it was almost like he was in a dream and he would be awaken. Neo Picks the pill which will show him the truth and he is awaken but in much pain. This resembles the “Light” which will be discussed later.
After being awoken Neo is told about how robots are controlling people for energy and how he is the one who must learn to bring down the machines and set people free. Neo doesn’t believe anything because he had been in such a false living for so long it is hard what to believe. After enough time and learning Neo ends up learning that he is the one and helps the human race defeat the machines. In the story Allegory of The Cave The people are held in a cave and are shown shadows on a cave wall.
The people are suppose to be able to think out what these “character” are and put names to these shapes. After a while the tough people who are holding the others to teach them take one person outside and shown the objects that were posted on the wall. On his way up to the surface too see these objects the person will see the sun for the first time so the journey is hard and steep. This shows that Education is not easy. After the “educated” person learns about these objects he is suppose to go teach the people who are still in the cave.
Unfortunately when this “educated” person tries to explain about the shapes no one will believe him/her. This is because all they have ever known is right before them being projected on the cave wall. This shows that when people are in there comfort zone they don’t want to leave it. This is the same way in the Matrix. When Morphius tries to tell Neo and he docent believe him it is the same thing as the Educated person trying to tell the non-educated people about the shapes.
The truth for what we learn can be very hard. In both The Matrix and The Allegory of the Cave, the character are held in a false reality. All characters had a certain belief or comfort zone that they dident want to leave. This shows that even thought you think about something really in debt the way you may be living just not might be “real”. This is something that both Characters had to think about in Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix.

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