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Published: 2021-07-21 13:05:09
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BelovedThe movie Beloved takes place just after the civil war, during slavery. Thestory takes place in a rough-hewn house outside of Cincinnati. The house belongsto an ex-slave named Sethe.
She has gone from plantation life to owning thishouse. The house contains a lot of memories. Sethe has went through so muchtorment. She was raped by some men on her plantation and her husband saw.
Sethe’s husband paid for the freedom of her and her children. Sethe gave birthto a child and was helped by a white woman while on her way to the North. Shepromised to name her child after her. That is how Denver got her name. She wasjailed for killing one of her children because she did not want the slave man toretrieve them.
She was stopped before she could kill the rest of her children. Leading to the climax of the movie is the arrival of a breath taking apparition. A beautiful young women dressed in mourning is washed up on a river bank. Thishappens to be Beloved.
Throughout the movie, Beloved slowly reveals herearthbound side. Before she was at the crossroads of the supernatural and thenatural world. Beloved cunningly suspends Sethe between past horrors and thepotential of renewing those past horrors. Oprah Winfrey, who plays Sethe,supplies a sense of the deep, stubborn essential to Sethe’s survival. Sethe’s friend Paul D, an ex-slave, who has wondered alone for nearly twodecades wanders to Sethe’s door looking for some place to alight. Sethe letshim stay because she too has been alone for some years now.
She enjoys hiscompany. He did not get off at a good hand with Denver because she was not useto sharing her mother. Denver did not have to share her mother since she canremember because her brothers had left when she was still an infant. Paul D andher teen-age daughter Denver are both devastated by this dangerous person whocalls herself Beloved. Denver and Paul D had just reached a truce before Belovedhad came. Things got back to being hectic.
But Denver Befriends Beloved andtreats her as her sister. Beloved brought tension to the house. She wanted to bespoiled by sethe. Denver started to feel rejected. Paul D is so uncomfortablewith Beloved’s presence that he stops sleeping in the bed and starts sleepingin on a chair. Beloved has this force that she uses.
Anything that she wants shewill do something in order to get it. Beloved is the spirit of Sethe’s childthat she killed. Beloved did not think that was fair. Beloved has come to getrevenge, and she haunts and torments Sethe until she is satisfied.

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