Are We Addressing The Needs Of Our Schools? Essay

Published: 2021-08-02 22:55:07
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Matchmaker. com: Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!AreWe Addressing The Needs Of Our Schools?There are many problems that need to beaddressed in the public schools today.
What factors are causing these problemsin the schools? The main causes are absence of prayer, the many pressuresof school, lack of dress code, and insufficient numbers of caring teachers,faculty, and students. When I say lack of prayer in the schools,I don’t mean lets make everyone one religion and every morning at schoolwe can pray in that one religion. Instead there should be a moment of silence. Not to take up time but to let everyone have a moment to pray to whomeveror however they wish. For the kid who’s grandpa died and has to go to schoolbecause they need their two points for this six weeks. And the ones whowish not to pray can take that moment to just think.
Lord knows we as highschool students don’t have much time to just stop and think. There are many pressures in the publicschools. All of a sudden in high school everything changes. Everyone takesthat first merger into “the real world”. As a junior there is much morepressure put on the students. One minute a sophomore thinking “Yeah I’mgoing to college”.
While the next as a junior thinking “How on earth amI going to get to college”. Now that we are juniors we are suppose to begrown up. Everything from “Where am I getting my gas money?” to “Wheream I going to college?” is going through our minds all of the time, andyet some how we are supposed to come out calm and prosperous. All of thispressure and many of young adults do not get a chance to let it out. Itis like tossing a human body in to outer space with no protection. It’sa vacuum that just tears it apart piece by piece.
Could this have beenwhat caused the Columbine shooting? Perhaps there was so much pressureput on those two boys to be in the “in crowd” that one day they just couldn’ttake it anymore. A small element in all of this is the dresscode. How sad is this? There is a shooting at least every year in a school,and administrators and teachers are worried about whether our shorts aretoo short. The office complains of girls wearing shorts that are too shortwhen there are rather larger girls running around with an extra layer ofskin. Perhaps we should have uniforms. Would that really solve the problemthough? Kids would still get theirs clothes too tight or too baggy.
Theschools would still have as much segregation as there is in the schoolstoday. People do not only judge by how we dress but also by what we livein, where our house is located, what we have, and who we are related to. No one can change any of these things. Maybe uniforms will make a differenceand maybe they won’t?Another factor in all of this is the faculty,parents, and students attitudes. Most of the faculty either just do notcare, or they are afraid to say something in fear of loosing their jobs. The guidance counselors are another part of this.
When students go in totalk to the guidance, they are always eating and they say come back later. When you come back, they are still eating. When aren’t they eating? Thenwe actually catch them not eating, go in to tell them our problems, andthey end up telling us theirs; then nothing gets done about the students’problems. Where are the students suppose to go? We go to a teacher; theytell us that is what the guidance is for. We go to the guidance, and theyare eating. We go home and our parents are at work.
So here we are allno where to turn so we are forced to bottle it up inside. When we do catchthe counselors and tell them our problems supposedly in all secrecy thewhole school and half the town ends up knowing. What were we better offdoing? Students end up with even more anger than before they even toldanyone. It is no wonder that we have all of theproblems in our schools.
We have no organization, the students don’t understandwhat dress code means and the administration doesn’t understand that theyaren’t supposed to bend rules for relatives. The teachers, parents, andfaculty aren’t any additional help. Or maybe we could just let these problemstake their course and we won’t have to worry about over populating theearth. It’s ironic that with all the things students have to worry about,now we have to worry about the safety of going to school. Whether it bethe ride to school on the bus, being at school, or being discriminatedagainst.

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