A Survey Study On Public Health Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 05:00:06
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This paper is about the outcome of the brief survey conducted with the help of the survey monkey. The survey was to help student taking one of the public health courses; MPH 602, at the Benedictine University to think about what exactly each student wants out of their public health education. The survey was used to focus on the specific and general skills that will interest students and the skills students would like to learn more about. Hence, the paper will highlight the role of the public health professional based on the information I gathered from the survey. Furthermore, this paper will enumerate what I have learned about myself and my career choice from the survey’s questionnaire.
The paper will also indicate other discoveries such the interconnection and the intricacies of all public health sectors. Moreover, the paper will also illustrate that the field of public health is not as narrow as perceived by many in the society by highlighting that, various skills learned by students can lead to various career paths within the public health arena. Finally, an inferred conclusion will be reached about the importance of the field of public health to the community. The reflection on what I learned about myself and the role of the public health professional based on the survey results.The survey contained information about the pertinent knowledge and skills needed by public health officials to adequately function as an agent of change; as we have learned in the past few weeks of this course, being an agent of change in the public health arena is a tedious and difficult task. Additionally, we have learned that being an agent of change in the community does not only depend on knowledge about the intricacy of community hea.
.e globe under well-known global health organizations such as the world health organizations (WHO) and UNICEF( LaPonsie, 2016).ConclusionThe public health professionals are dedicated members of the society that make efforts to connect to their communities in order to ensure their communities and the communities around them enjoy better health daily. In addition, as the world continues to advance in technology and as communities continue to require the optimal healthy living, the duties of the health professions will continue to evolve both on the domestic and global front. Together all public health professionals and institution strive to provide the ten essential public health services to all communities across the nation. Interestingly upon review the result of the survey, I discovered that I may be interested in a career in the managed health care system.

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