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Published: 2021-07-18 10:55:06
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A BATBOY FOR THE “YANKS”Hi my name is Bobby I am the batboy for the New York YANKEES. I love being the batboy for the “Yanks”. I enjoy it but theres one thing that always barthers me it is when the players barther me because I am fat and because I am fat I cant work as fast as a skinnier person,they always critisize me I dont appreciate it but thats the consequences you have to accept if you want to be a batboy. I will admit my body is not a pretty site everyone looks at me wierd because my legs are the size of elephant legs and there crusty and have wrinkles on them.
My arms have also wrinkles on them and they have scars on them I have no clue how they got there but thats a different story. The way I became a batboy was oneday I was at yankee stadium and I jumped on the field and the security of the stadium grabbed me and took me into the locker room of the “Yanks”it was pretty cool inside they had there own showers even there own massager,physical therapist,and there coach had his own personal bar and it was quite large. After the game I was still in the locker rooms waiting for my parents because they havent picked me up yet and the players looked at me and said who is this little fat boy in our locker room they said with anger(they had just lost there game). Derek Jeter says hey kid come over here so I went over there he says pulling my face to his chin what are you doing in my locker room I respond saying I. . .
. . . I was looking at the nice extra bats you had there quite shiny for a wooden bat.
I know arent they our old batboy did that for us but he quit because he couldnt take the heat,and then it hit me I love baseball I love the attention but then I had second thoughts about if I should ask him do they need a replacement so i paused. . . I asked Derek do you have a new batboy yet?He responded with a frown no i dont and dont even think about taking the job.
His teamates were laughing in the backround and saying what are you nuts fatboy you couldn’t even bend over to pick up a bat. Then the coach walks in and says wait a minute dont you guys no there is no one aloud in the teams locker room. Who is he with?They said oh security left him in here until his parents get here but they didnt arrive so the coach says ok lets get our attention off him and lets hit the showers. The team says with excitement but wait this boy wanted to be a batboy for us the coach responded what are you nuts that fat little thing would be the most embarassing thing in baseball history the yanks wouldnt be what they are now. Coach lets ask him and if he would like to we will give him a chance if he doesn’t do so well we will tell him he is not good enough for the team.
Just think about it all the misery we will go through all the paper articles and stuff like that but if thats what you guys want then you’ll get it but under one curcumstance if we get made fun of and articles go in the paper he is done. Got that?Yes coach we understand. Its not that I’m fat rite Sir?No son its not that its the yanks are one of the best teams in the league and we dont want to have a bad name because of that its not that your fat its your identity. If you wear long sleeve shirts and pants maybe that would work. Sir that is the most ridiculus thing I ever heard in my life I would be “sweating bullets”. Well thats the consequences you have to take to be a batboy for the famous yanks.
Do I at least get paid for doing this?No but you get free food this is more volunteer work but your parents get to come to all the games for free. Ok that sounds fair. When do I start?Next saturday here at 1:00p. m. sharp if your late your fired.Yes sir!The coach left and the team comes over to me and says “congrats”your the yanks new batboy.Thanks guys.Hey kid your parents are waiting for you.No way.Yes they been looking all over for you.0o0 thanks well I’ll see you guys next saturday.bye.Hey mom were you waiting long?O yes I was your in big trouble little boy when we get home.I’m sorry I just wanted to see what the locker room looks like.Do you want to hear some good news?What lie have you made up this time?O well when I got in the locker room I kinda asked if i can be a batboy and they said I can have the job and I start next saturday.So can i do it?Why most definitly yes I’m so proud of you you actually have a job maybe you will lose some weight.Maybe.Well lets get home.When next saturday came I did ok it was kind of rough but i got through it but then I got more used to it,and thats how I got to be the batboy for the New York YANKEES.Words/ Pages : 932 / 24

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