School for Tomorrow (SFT) is a ground­breaking, model inde­pen­dent nonprofit school serving a diver­sity of D.C.-area students in grades 4–12 in Rockville, Maryland.

SFT is a school unlike any other. Educa­tion experts, informed by exten­sive research, have been increas­ingly writing and talking about the paradigm-​​shifting school of the future that our nation needs as soon as possible, one that effec­tively provides the educa­tion neces­sary for today’s youth to thrive in the rapidly changing adult world they’ll be entering. SFT is committed to creating that school of the future — now. Accord­ingly, SFT students learn what’s neces­sary to achieve success and satis­fac­tion in today’s and tomorrow’s world, and they learn in ways and in a struc­ture that opti­mizes each student’s devel­op­ment, accom­plish­ment, and growth. In short, SFT is providing a rele­vant, customized, holistic educa­tion for all students — and the results are extraordinary!


SFT has been high­lighted in arti­cles in The Wash­ington Post and the Gazette . It has also been recog­nized as a model school on the website connected with the education-​​focused docu­men­tary Race to Nowhere . Founder and Head of School Alan Shus­terman has been inter­viewed on the local cable show Forward Motion as well as on , an award-​​winning weekly radio program which airs on radio stations across the country. He has been also inter­viewed by the website Stop Home­work .

SFT holds open houses throughout the year, for it is only through seeing SFT first­hand that you can begin to truly under­stand what sepa­rates us from all other schools.
Students of our school care about the environment, recycle waste, if you want to join, read about nature ecology and evolution.