Successful Mid-​​Year Transfers

School doesn’t have to feel so miserable/​stressful/​boring
for even one more day

The phone rings (or the email noti­fi­ca­tion sounds) at School for Tomorrow; quite often, it is a parent seeking a solu­tion for a teenage son or daughter who is not being served well in a partic­ular school setting. The stories are unique in the details, but the common thread is the increasing number of students with untapped poten­tials stuck in less-​​than-​​optimal learning envi­ron­ments. Some have even reached the point of “school refusal.”

Fortu­nately, many of these initial contacts by parents have led to life-​​changing mid-​​year transfers.

The success stories of our mid-​​year transfer students is proof posi­tive that one does not have to wait for a new acad­emic year to improve a child’s – and a family’s – situ­a­tion. Success can begin now at SFT.

Mid-​​year transfer students thrive at SFT

SFT’s unique approach allows students to join our learning commu­nity at any time. It creates engage­ment in learning and an eager­ness to come to school every day. It supports a posi­tive acad­emic and social adjust­ment for every student.

SFT’s customized curriculum ensures that every student is right where he or she needs to be from the first moment. No student is ever behind when he or she joins us – at any point in the school year.

SFT is struc­tured for each student’s success, with a learning envi­ron­ment that is both rigorous and flex­ible. Our student-​​to-​​staff ratio is 4:1 – one of the lowest in the D.C. Metro area. We get to know each student well, become a partner in the learning process, and, most of all, value what each brings to our community.

SFT helps students develop all they will need to succeed in college, the work­place, and in life, while simul­ta­ne­ously creating an envi­ron­ment where they can pursue learning in ways that are mean­ingful and prac­tical to them as individuals.

Mid-​​Year Trans­fers to SFT: What Students & Parents Say

“My old school was a night­mare. When I came to SFT, it was a giant relief! The students were nicer, and the classes were better.”

“For years, we heard from teachers that our son was not working near to his full poten­tial. At SFT, teachers have a deeper interest in his success, and the flex­i­bility and time to support him as he finds his own way to succeed. Before SFT, school seemed to sap the life out of him. That’s changed.”

“I used to pretend to be sick to avoid school. Now, there’s a reason to come to school, and if I’m not feeling so good in the morning, coming to school actu­ally makes me feel better.”

“[Coming to SFT mid-​​year] was an easy tran­si­tion. I was accepted by everyone. A lot of stress was taken off, even in the first week. I felt like I was actu­ally learning the mate­rial, not just memo­rizing it like before.”

“My son…came to SFT for a visit; as we were leaving, he turned to me and said, ‘I want to go to this school.’ He’d never said anything like that before. It’s clear that he feels completely at home at SFT. Coming here has been a huge, posi­tive change in all our lives.”

Contact us at 301–460-4747 or [email protected]​schoolfortomorrow.​net to learn more about mid-​​year trans­fers. Our door is open!