Modeling and education: do models have to go to college?

Walking the runway and posing for the camera at the same time may look more difficult than you think. Making it look easy is a sign of a professional model. Many careers today require a college degree to demonstrate your skills in the field but modeling jobs are primarily based on one`s appearance and character. Although getting high education for models is not necessary, there are many reasons why it can become useful for their future careers. This raises the question “do models go to college or not?”

Model skills and requirements

Models work in the advertising sphere by wearing and demonstrating new clothes, accessories, and other goods to generate more sales. They may go in for different modeling types such as editorial (publications in magazines), commercials (movies, TV, and pictures for commercial products) or just take part in fashion shows. There are also such categories as glamour modeling, teen, mature and plus-size modeling, body part modeling and many others to realize your potential.

As a model, you will be meeting different people, establish connections, traveling the world and always discover something new. It implies a lot of stress, competition, constantly changing time schedule with no fixed working hours and many other factors. However, to make a successful career in modeling, it requires much more than just talent and stress-resistance. A real model needs to have:

· attractive and smiling face and ideal body parameters;

· foreign language proficiency;

· good communication skills;

· bright and outgoing personality;

· no hesitation for facing the camera and the unusual (even naked) pictures.

Education and training

Models can work without formal qualifications but at least informal training is necessary. It would be recommended to contact a model agency that can assess all the criteria and determine whether a person suits for this job. If the answer is positive, the agency can arrange a photoshoot to make a portfolio and then help in promoting to local and global markets. You may be charged to receive required training and there may also be additional costs for photos but all this is possible in case the agency has a good reputation in the industry.

There are no special degree courses in this field, but many successful models established their own training classes. You can also attend the US program in creative art and design, certificate courses and different training programs from 3 months to four years long. If you are good at multitasking, you can combine your work in modeling with college studies to improve your skills and get the necessary experience to increase your chances. It will require a lot of effort, time and concentration and sometimes you will be begging others to «complete my coursework for me». However, once you cope with all this, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors without a degree.

Can you go to college for modeling? Not necessarily unless you want to stand out from your non-educated competitors. The curriculum of courses involves creativity, design, modeling, arts, camera posing lessons, and recommendations for physical and personal development. However, as modeling cannot last forever, eventually you may start looking for another job and here is when a college degree will be at hand.